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178 E. Pasquiset Trail Charlestown, RI 02813
"The rare opportunity to eat as much as you want of  things you love, or sample multiple things you've never  before tasted, is a treasure hard to find. Even more unique is the confidence you can have that every selection has  been prepared from only the freshest ingredients, by the  finest professional chefs! How can you think about quantity when it is the quality that counts in the rich tradition  of The Nordic Lodge? " Sharon Thiel "I don't eat that much either but I'm     not going to see how many pounds      of food I can eat. I'm going for the      whole experience of the beautiful      grounds, the animals, meeting other       people there, meeting the great staff      and family and yes for the food too."
Lorraine Thomas
" The food is not just plentiful like many other buffets.      Everything about the Nordic lodge is quality. Everything  is the freshest available prepared exquisitely. The wait/bar staff  are friendly and professional. The combination of all this makes  for a wonderful experience you will cherish for years.      That is what I do tell people."
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Marta Woodward
"When we tell all our friends about the Nordic Lodge and your extensive all you can eat Seafood Buffet, along with the hundreds of other delicious food choices, our advice is always the same. Before you go, try and fast for at least three days before this event, and in order to enjoy your epicurean eating experience, since it's one of those hidden lifetime treasures that will keep you planning for your next trip back, and as soon as possible. Everyone has their favorites, but for me, it's the Nordic Cajun Style Crawfish Salad, and that's my starter. No point in trying to explain everyone else's plan of attack, so they will have to work that out for themselves. However, I always make room for one of your delicious Haagen Daz Ice Cream Sundaes loaded with Hot Fudge sauce at the end of my food fest because that's how I roll (out your door) when I leave."  John Torpey Home Videos Pricing Menu Bar Hours Area Hotel Packages Download Brochure Directions Gift Cards & Gift Coins Videos Theme Dates Best time To Visit Join Our E-List Reservations
Where you’re treated like a buffet fit for a king.
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